About Sports4Profit

Sports4Profit helps sports fans make money from sports! We provide top notched content to help you have success playing daily and season long fantasy sports as well as sports wagering. For daily fantasy sports players, we also run the World Daily Fantasy Sports League. This is a league where you can compete against other players in 3 or 5 round head to head matchups. Compete in different weight classes based on entry fee size. Compete on up to 4 daily fantasy sports sites. Earn a ranking and earn a shot at the World Championship for your particular weight class.

Sports4Profit is founded and operated by Roosevelt Cooper. As a successful up and coming daily fantasy sports player starting in 2014, Roosevelt has had a lifetime profitable return on investment in fantasy sports since 2015. He has been recognized as one of the top 12% players in the world by Rotogrinders, the largest daily fantasy sports website in the world today. He also has an established track record of predicting winning teams in games as well as championship winners. In 2013 he correctly predicted that the Baltimore Ravens would defeat the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. He made that prediction at the beginning of the NFL season. While not as surprising but still as accurate he predicted that the Golden State Warriors will defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA finals in both 2017 and 2018 all before the season begun. He is also a successful MMA predictor having a very successful track record of predicting MMA contests in UFC. You can follow along and track his predictions at his Bet MMA Tips profile. As a sports fan for over 33 years, you’re getting the knowledge of someone who has watched and knows a lot about sports.

Sports4Profit also plugs you into one of the top daily fantasy sports and sports wagering communities with over 8000 members. DFS Masters is our Facebook group. Plug into our community and get live help and answers to your questions.