NBA Fantasy Basketball Picks Roosevelt’s Playbook Wednesday November 21st 2018

Looking for help with your NBA lineups? In Roosevelt’s Playbook we provide our recommended plays for Drafters, Draft, DraftKings and FanDuel for today’s NBA contests!

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Welcome to this special NBA edition of Roosevelt’s Playbook! I don’t do an NBA article often due to my work schedule. However, I’m off for the rest of the week so that gives me more time to put out NBA specific content! I currently play NBA on four fantasy sites. DraftKings, FanDuel, Drafters and Draft. So this article will give you a full breakdown on the plays that I like for each site on tonight’s slate.

Tonight we have a huge 13 game slate! Many of the fantasy point scoring studs are on this slate so it’s going to be very interesting and competitive. If you want to know my thoughts on the days I don’t write an article make sure you check the NBA discussion thread posted daily in our Facebook group The DFS Masters.

Here’s a breakdown of what I like to look at when considering NBA players:

  • Vegas Team Implied Total (The higher the better)
  • Vegas Spread (I like to avoid players on teams that I think will get blown out)
  • Expected minutes played including injuries and expected impact
  • Average Fantasy Points Per Game
  • Average Fantasy Points Per Minute
  • Players Floor & Ceiling For The Season, Last 4 Weeks & Last Week
  • Usage Percentage
  • Opposing defense vs position
  • Opposing defensive real plus minus

Here’s a breakdown of who I like on today’s slate:

Drafters Top 10 Plays

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For each player, I list the position that I prefer to draft that player at first. This is VERY IMPORTANT on Drafters and one of the reasons why I’m so successful on this site. Many of the other players there don’t pay attention to this and they handicap the potential output of their team as a result.

  1. Anthony Davis PF/C
  2. Giannis Antetokounmpo SF/PF
  3. LeBron James SF/PF
  4. Kevin Durant SF/PF
  5. James Harden SG/PG
  6. Russell Westbrook PG
  7. Joel Embiid PF/C
  8. Andre Drummond PF/C
  9. Kemba Walker PG
  10. Zach Lavine SG/PG

Draft Top 10 Plays

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  1. Anthony Davis F
  2. Giannis Antetokounmpo F
  3. LeBron James F
  4. Kevin Durant F
  5. James Harden G
  6. Russell Westbrook G
  7. Joel Embiid C
  8. Blake Griffin F
  9. Andre Drummond C
  10. Kemba Walker G

DraftKings Top 10 Plays

  1. Anthony Davis PF/C $11,400
  2. Russell Westbrook PG $10,700
  3. Kevin Durant SF/PF $10,600
  4. Zach Lavine PG/SG $7,900
  5. Marc Gasol C $7,800
  6. Domantas Sabonis PF/C $6,500
  7. Jarrett Allen C $5,600
  8. Tyreke Evans SG/SF $5,400
  9. Trevor Ariza SF/PF $5,100
  10. Trey Burke PG/SG $4,200

FanDuel Top 10 Plays

  1. Anthony Davis PF $12,200
  2. Joel Embiid C $11,200
  3. Kemba Walker PG $9,300
  4. Tim Hardaway Jr SG $7,500
  5. De’Angelo Russell SG $7,400
  6. Jarrett Allen C $6,800
  7. Tauren Prince SF $6,300
  8. JaMychel Green PF $5,000
  9. Trevor Ariza SF $4,800
  10. Corey Joseph PG $4,200

Good luck!

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