Euroleague Fantasy Basketball Picks – Roosevelt’s Playbook Thursday November 15th 2018

Looking for help with your Euroleague lineups? In Roosevelt’s Playbook we provide our recommended plays for DraftKings for today’s Euroleague event!

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Welcome to Round 7 of Euroleague! Round 6 I had two close days in cashing but was just off slightly. Several readers of this article were able to cash though. There’s two parts to success in Euroleague. The first is identifying the best plays. The second is putting them in the right combination to cash. What we do here is help you with the first. The second is for each of us as players to figure out.

We have a 4 game slate of Euroleague action today. Let’s take a look.

We have some really good spots to target this week like Olimpia Milano all around and Real Madrid. We also have some clear spots to avoid like Buducnost all around.

Now lets take a look at each game!

Darussafaka vs Olimpia Milano

Our first game on the slate begins at 12:15pm Eastern and features Darussafaka vs Olimpia Milano. Olimpia Milano are the favorites and have plus matchups in implied total, opposing guard and opposing forward. They are a great place to start your lineup build this week. Daraussafaka has a neutral implied total matchup, a plus opposing guard and a negative opposing forward. You want to target the guards here and limit your exposure to the Forwards. Here are the plays I like:

Mike James AXM $13,000 – Solid Floor and ceiling. Nedovic is back though so there is some price/value concern here. He’s fine for both cash and GPP but may be overpriced this week with Nedovic out. Doesn’t necessarily have to be as he’s done well even with Nedovic in the lineup.

Arturas Gudaitis AXM $10,500 – He’s established a very solid range of between 22 to 35 fantasy points making him a safe cash play with some GPP upside in a plus matchup.

Vladimir Micov AXM $10,000 – He has a slightly lower floor as he does have a 9 point dud on his game log but otherwise has a solid floor with some GPP upside in a plus matchup. Cash game viable with some GPP upside.

Nemanja Nedovic AXM $9,900 – He normally would have a solid floor and ceiling. However, coming off injury we have no idea what his minutes are going to be like. I would limit him to GPP only this week because of this.

Markel Brown DTI $5,500 – He’s in play in all formats because he’s been getting a lot of minutes both in Euroleague and in Super Liga. With the minutes he’s been getting all he needs is one game where he scores a fantasy point per minute and he smashes value.

Buducnost vs Saski Baskonia

The second game begins at 1:00pm Eastern and features Buducnost vs Saski Baskonia. Saski Baskonia is a heavy favorite with a plus implied total for the matchup, poor guard matchup and mediocre forward matchup. Buducnost has a negative matchup all around.

I’m fading this game completely. It’s a bad matchup all the way around. There’s several players with high enough floors that won’t kill you on Baskonia, but I see no reason to go here in such a bad matchup.

Olympiakos vs Fenerbace Ulker

The third game begins at 2:00pm Eastern and features Olympiakos vs Fenerbace Ulker. Olympiakos is a small favorite and has a mediocre matchup with implied total and guard and a poor matchup with Forwards. Olympiakos has a poor implied total and forward matchup but does have a good guard matchup.

Kostas Sloukas FBD $9,600 – I don’t know if I’m personally going to go here yet and I’m definitely not playing him in cash. However, he can be used as a way to differentiate your GPP lineups.

Nigel Williams-Gross OLY $9,100 – He got into foul trouble the last game, which is why he had a poor performance. He’s fine to use this week.

Luigi Datome FBD $8,800 – I like him more for GPP than I do for cash. However Vesely is out and that should increase his floor so if I feel like I need to play him in cash, I won’t hesitate to do so.

Vassilis Spanoulis OLY $8,700 – He got into foul trouble as well the last game and was also way too expensive. They dropped his price down by $1,000. At that price, he’s a solid cash play and while he doesn’t have GPP winning upside he can stabilize a GPP lineup allowing you to seek upside elsewhere.

Nicolo Melli FBD $7,700 – He’s a GPP play this week with Vesely out. His floor is too low for cash.

Joffrey Lauvergne FBD $7,100 – He had a solid game last week both in Euroleague as well as another solid game this week in Super Lugi. Both games Vesely played. With Vesely out, he’s a solid play in both cash and GPP.

Nikola Kalinic FBD $6,900 – He didn’t play in Super Lugi this week and other than a bad game against Zalgris he’s had a decent floor. I would only look at him in GPP. However, I like the other three options more.

Real Madrid vs Khimki Moscow

The final game of this slate begins at 3:00pm Eastern and features Real Madrid vs Khimki Moscow. The big news in this game is that Alexey Shved is OUT! He’s feeling sick so he stayed in Russia. That has HUGE implications for this slate and this game becomes a very important game to figure out as doing so will make or break your slate. Real Madrid is an overwhelming favorite in this matchup with Shved out. They have a mediocre guard matchup and a great forward matchup. However, although I don’t have any data to support this as I don’t even remember when is the last time he missed a matchup, I’m upgrading Madrid to a good guard matchup with Shved out. Khimki Moscow are overwhelming underdogs in this matchup with a poor guard matchup but good Forward matchup. Also note that Trey Thompkins is questionable and if he does play that reduces the value of the Real Madrid forwards in what is already a crowded frontcourt.

Gustavo Ayon RMB $10,200 – This is a MONSTER matchup for him on paper putting him in play in all formats. The only concern is the blowout could limit his minutes. That certainly was the case when Madrid beat Buducnost by 34. However, in a blowout one of the Forwards is going to get off even in limited minutes.

Anthony Randolph RMB $9,700 – Strong matchup here and he’s in play in all formats. Like Ayon he could be limited in minutes due to blowout concerns. However, in a blowout one of the forwards is going to get off even in limited minutes.

Anthony Gill KHI F $9,400 – He didn’t have a great game last week in Euroleague and also didn’t have a great game in VTB United either. However, with Shved out, he’s going to be asked to play a bigger roll in the offense. In a plus matchup for Forwards, that puts him in play in all formats.

Sergio Llull RMB $9,200 – He’s got a solid floor in this matchup and while we haven’t seen the massive GPP upside we saw in his MVP campaign two years ago, he’s fine for all formats this week.

Walter Tavares RMB $8,900 – Strong matchup and in play in all formats. Like the other two forwards for Madrid there is blowout risk. However, he’s the forward that went off in the Buducnost game even in limited minutes and is the cheapest of the “Big 3”

Facundo Campazzo RMB $8,600 – He has a decent floor for cash in this matchup. However, I don’t really see him as anything more than a GPP lineup stabilizer as he’s going to need a lot of minutes to hit that 40 point GPP winning upside we’ve seen him hit before. That was a close game though. This should be anything but close.

Tony Crocker KHI F $8,500 – He didn’t play this week in VTB United, which lowers his floor and takes him out of consideration for me in cash games. However, in GPP you absolutely have to look at him with Shved out because the upside is there.

Rudy Fernandez RMB $8,200 – He’s a GPP only play for me, but when his shot is falling he’s got GPP winning upside at this price.

Dee Bost KHI G $7,400 – I wouldn’t play him in cash because of the poor matchup. However, with Shved out, he’s worth a look in GPP as he has upside.

Jordan Mickey KHI F $7,200 – He’s had back to back bad games in Euroleague, but he absolutely CRUSHED value this week in VTB United and Shved played in that game. Not safe for cash by ANY stretch of the imagination in this match. However, definitely has GPP winning upside in this spot.

Malcolm Thomas KHI F $6,700 – I wouldn’t play him in cash and I don’t know if I’m going to play him in GPP. However, he’s had solid back to back games in Euroleague and that was with Shved. Could do even better without him in the lineup and he’s the cheapest of the Forward options that get decent minutes.

Jaycee Carroll RMB $6,200 – He’s a solid cash play in this spot and I don’t mind taking a few shots with him in GPP if I need the salary savings.

Stefan Markovic KHI G $4,900 – He’s worth a look as a GPP value play even in a poor matchup due to Shved being out and the fact that he’s already got over 20 minutes in both his last Euroleague game as well as his VTB United game.

Good luck!

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