NBA Roosevelt’s Playbook – Tuesday October 23rd 2018

Looking for help with your NBA lineups? In Roosevelt’s Playbook we provide our recommended plays for Drafters, Draft, DraftKings and FanDuel for today’s NBA contests!

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Welcome to then second edition of the NBA Roosevelt’s Playbook for the 2018-2019 season! Last night was a brutal night for me in NBA DFS. I broke even on Drafters and made a profit on Draft. However I lost on both DraftKings and FanDuel. The biggest mistake I made is I didn’t have enough exposure to the late games and if you look at those scores they went off. I expect that to be a “thing” so when you are playing make sure you get exposure to those late games with high over unders.

Tonight we get a 3 game slate which makes it much easier to analyze but more difficult to play. Since there are less options to choose from there are going to be players that you HAVE to have in order to have any chance of winning tonight. The key is figuring out who those players are before lineups lock. Hopefully I can help us do just that.

As a reminder, this is my last NBA article for the week. If you want to know my thoughts for the rest of the days make sure you check the NBA discussion thread posted daily in our Facebook group The DFS Masters.

Here’s a breakdown of what I like to look at when considering NBA players:

  • Vegas Team Implied Total (The higher the better)
  • Vegas Spread (I like to avoid players on teams that I think will get blown out)
  • Expected minutes played including injuries and expected impact
  • Average Fantasy Points Per Game
  • Average Fantasy Points Per Minute
  • Usage Percentage
  • Opposing defense vs position
  • Opposing defensive real plus minus

There’s a great article that Rotogrinders produces written by Derek Farnsworth that I look at every day that breaks all of these elements down. It’s not completely accurate because injury news comes out later in the day that might change some of the key elements. However, it’s a great start and it saves me the time of having to go find this information elsewhere on my own. It’s called NBA First Look.

Here’s a breakdown of who I like today on the different sites. Keep in mind I’m writing this as of 12:30pm Eastern. Things can change a lot in NBA especially on the salary cap sites. However, the idea is to give you a start to work with for your own research and plays today.

Drafters Top 10 Plays

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For each player, I list the position that I prefer to draft that player at first. This is VERY IMPORTANT on Drafters and one of the reasons why I’m so successful on this site. Many of the other players there don’t pay attention to this and they handicap the potential output of their team as a result.

  1. Anthony Davis C/PF
  2. Joel Embiid C/PF
  3. Nikola Jolie C/PF
  4. Andre Drummond C/PF
  5. Blake Griffin C/PF
  6. Tobias Harris SF/PF
  7. Jrue Holiday SG/PG
  8. De’Aaron Fox PG
  9. Nikola Mirotic SF/PF
  10. Elfrid Payton PG

For Head to Heads also look at Jamal Murray PG/SG

Draft Top 10 Plays

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  1. Anthony Davis – F
  2. Joel Embiid – C
  3. Nikola Jokic – C
  4. Andre Drummond – C
  5. Blake Griffin – F
  6. Tobias Harris – F
  7. Jrue Holiday – G
  8. De’Aaron Fox – G
  9. Nikola Mirotic – F
  10. Elfrid Payton – G

For Head to Heads also look at Jamal Murray – G. For strategic purposes in head to heads and 3 mans you can certainly wait on Center if you feel confident in either of the top 3 options and take your Fowards and Guards first. You can even take your guards first if you feel confident in the Forward options although for me personally there’s no way I’m letting Anthony Davis pass me if I have the chance to get him in any Draft. He’s a potential slate breaker any given night.

DraftKings Top 10 Plays

  1. Anthony Davis – PF/C $11,400
  2. Tobias Harris – SF/PF $7,500
  3. Jrue Holiday – PG/SG $7,400
  4. De’Aaron Fox – PG $7,100
  5. Gary Harris – SG $6,500
  6. Elfrid Payton – PG $6,400 (GPP only)
  7. Robert Covington – SF/PF $5,500
  8. Nemanja Bjelica SF/PF $4,600
  9. E’Twaun Moore – SG/SF – $4,200
  10. TJ McConnell – PG/SG $3,800 (I am locking him in all my lineups tonight if he’s starting)

FanDuel Top 10 Plays

  1. Anthony Davis – PF $13,000
  2. Tobias Harris – PF $7,900
  3. Jrue Holiday – SG $7,800
  4. De’Aaron Fox – PG $7,100
  5. Gary Harris – SG $6,500
  6. Elfrid Payton – PG $6,400 (GPP only)
  7. Robert Covington – SF $6,000
  8. Nemanja Bjelica SF $5,400
  9. E’Twaun Moore – SF $4,800
  10. TJ McConnell – PG $4,000 (I am locking him in all my lineups tonight if he’s starting)

For Centers on FanDuel Joel Embiid is an obvious option at $10,700 if you want to spend up. You can also go cheap at the position and get Marcin Gortat for only $4,100

Also keep in mind for DraftKings and FanDuel the two later games have significant higher over/unders so make sure you factor that in when building your lineups. Playing 4 or more players from the first game is probably going to result in you donating tonight unless you nail those players. The Pelicans vs Clippers looks especially juicy due to its high over/under and low spread which signifies it could be close.

Good luck!

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