EL Roosevelt’s Playbook – Thursday October 18th, 2018

Looking for help with your Euroleague lineups? In Roosevelt’s Playbook we provide our recommended plays for DraftKings for today’s Euroleague event!

Nando de Colo went OFF on Tuesday. Is he the top option today?

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We got two more days of Euroleague action this week! If you checked out our Tuesday article most of the plays in the winning GPP lineup in the $10 contest were in this article! We are giving you great plays! It’s just a matter of finding the winning combination of those plays!

Today’s slate is a four-game slate. Here’s a breakdown of the 8 teams along with the key statistics that I look at for each team. Included are their odds to win, their implied offensive total, how well their opponent defends against the guard position and how well their opponent defends against the forward position. When building your lineups you want to ideally target a favorite team that has a high implied total with players that play positions where their opponent has a low rank for how they guard that position. It’s a 1 to 16 scale 16 means they give up a lot to that position 1 means they limit that position.

Darussafaka +1314 underdog 74.25 implied total  47h guard rank 12th forward rank

CSKA Moscow -3333 favorite 91.75 implied total 8th guard rank 13th forward rank

Maccabi Tel Aviv -280 favorite 82 implied total 1st guard rank 11th forward rank

Buducnost +230 underdog 76 implied total 11th guard rank 7th forward rank

Panathinaikos -1111 favorite 89.5 implied total 2nd guard rank 14th forward rank

Grab Canaria +713 underdog 76 implied total 12th guard rank 5th forward rank

Bayern +270 underdog 76.25 implied total 14th guard rank 15th forward rank

FC Barcelona -340 favorite 83.74 implied total 9th guard rank 4th forward rank


So now, let’s take a look at the players that we want to consider on this slate:

Top Tier Guards

Nando de Colo CSK $11,700 – De Colo went off on Tuesday scoring 47.75 fantasy points and was only 21% owned. His ownership should be a lot higher today. I’ll be starting my lineups with either him or Calathes, but I’ll have more De Colo today. The one risk here is he’s got two other very good guards that he plays with so you need to factor that in. He will be in my cash lineup as well as lots of GPP exposure.

Nick Calathes PAO $13,400 – He was the highest owned player on Tuesday but he didn’t meet value. He’s got the tougher matchup between him and De Colo and he’s more expensive so I’ll have more of De Colo. However, he will definitely be in my lineups where I don’t play De Colo. I will have lots of exposure in GPP today.

Scottie Wilbekin MTA $9,700 – He’s got a really tough matchup today but if I’m going to pay up for a 2nd guard, he’s been the most productive so far in this Euroleague season out of the other options.

Ray MaCallum DTI $9,300 – He disappointed on Tuesday but we got a price decrease on him today. He’s a risky play with his team being such huge underdogs, but if I need to go down for a 2nd top tier guard option, I don’t mind taking a chance here.

Mid Tier Guards

Nihad Dedovic BAY $8,700 – His price is starting to creep up but he’s met value at this current price in both of his games so far this season. He’s in play again today.

Michael Roll MTA $8,200 – He’s got a tough matchup today but he’s demonstrated a solid floor so far this season. He’s absolutely worth consideration for your lineups this week.

Clevin Hannah HGC $7,600 – He’s definitely my 2nd favorite option in this tier. He’s hit over 3x value based on today’s price in both of his games this week.

Stefan Jovic BAY $7,500 – He’s exceeded value in both of his games so far this season. He’s a cash game lock for me this week and I definitely want lots of exposure in GPP as well. He has a decent matchup as well.

Value Tier Guards

Nikola Ivanovic BUD $5,500 – There’s not a lot of value at guard today but he’s definitely one of the options I would pay down for. At today’s price he’s over 3x value in both games he’s played this season. He’s in play for both cash and GPP for me.

Edwin Jackson BUD $5,400 – He’s the other option I would consider at the value tier. He’s been able to meet value even with Ivanovic and while I like his teammate more, I’ll definitely have some lineups with Jackson who should be a much lower owned GPP option

Top Tier Forwards

Will Clyburn CSK $10,800 – He has a very consistent floor making him a strong consideration for cash games and his ability to score and grab rebounds make him worth exposure to in GPP as well. Definitely the number one forward option on today’s slate.

Kyle Kuric FCB $10,000 – He’s not safe for cash due to a tough matchup and two other solid options at forward on his team. However, he’s got GPP winning upside when his shot is falling including the ability to score from long range.

Earl Clark BUD $9,100 – He’s got a solid floor because he can rebound and get assist and when he’s scoring well he’s got a strong ceiling as well. He’s in play in all formats for me today.

Mid Tier Forwards

Kyle Hines CSK $8,800 – The super high implied total for CSKA means there should be lots of fantasy points to go around and with the forward position being the easier matchup Hines is definitely one of the potential beneficiaries of that fantasy point distribution today.

Jeremy Evans DTI $8,100 – He’s got a tough matchup. However, he’s been productive in both of his fantasy games so far, making him an option for GPP today.

Valdimir Lucic BAY $7,700 – He’s a better cash option than GPP. However, he’s worth a look even in GPP if you’re looking for a solid floor from the foward position.

Tarik Black $7,400 – He’s off to a great start in Euroleague. He’s a popular play but he’s very productive and consistent and as such, he’s in play again in all formats today.

Christopher Evans $7,300 – After a strong performance on Tuesday he’s in play in both cash and GPP for me. His ability to rebound and get assist gives him a solid floor and his scoring potential gives him a good ceiling as well.

Value Tier Forwards

Michael Eric $6,500 – He had almost no ownership on Tuesday but so far has produced almost 3x value in both games he’s played so far. I still wouldn’t trust him for cash. However, he’s definitely worth GPP exposure at this point.

Zanis Peiners $6,300 – He was only 3% owned but a move to the starting lineup allowed him to exceed value significantly on Tuesday. He’s definitely worth a look in GPP especially if he’s going to remain in the starting lineup.

Angelo Caloiaro $6,100 – If you need a play in any format in the value tier for Forward, he’s the first person you should look at. He’s got a solid floor and ceiling and while I expect his ownership to go up from the 10% he was at on Tuesday, he’s absolutely worth a play in all formats.

Alen Omic $5,900 – He’s played solid in his first two games and is still price reasonably making him in play in all formats if you need a cheap forward.

Stanton Kidd $5,700 – While I’m not thrilled about the matchup, he’s been getting the playing time. Minutes means opportunity and on a slate where value is much tighter than it’s been he’s absolutely worth a look in all formats!

Good luck!

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