MLB Roosevelt’s Lineup Card – Saturday September 1st 2018

Looking for advice on who to play in your MLB daily fantasy sports lineups? In today’s edition of MLB Roosevelt’s Lineup Card I break down today’s slate for Drafters, Draft and DraftKings!

Picture by Bryce Edwards

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My rankings are based on the following criteria:

  • Vegas implied offensive totals and team moneyline.
  • Pitching stats for pitchers I want to play and pitchers I want to pick batters against (i.e. SIERA, K% BB% GB% FB% HC%)
  • Team hitting wOBA verses the handedness of the pitcher they are facing.
  • Individual hitting stats verses the handedness of the pitcher they are facing (i.e. wOBA, ISO, K%, BB%, SB, LD%, GB%, FB%)
  • Stadium tendencies (Hitter Ball Park vs Pitcher Ball Park)
  • Weather
  • Position Scarcity (Snake Drafts Only)
  • Salary (Salary cap sites only)

Last night was a decent night for me. I only played DraftKings one lineup. My lineup scored 137.75, which was good enough to cash in all my double ups as well as cash in both single entry and mass entry GPPs.

Weather Spots To Watch

  • Milwaukee vs Washington – While this one could play without issues, it also could be absolutely brutal. PPD risk is absolutely in play here. With a slate this large and both teams in the middle of implied offensive totals there is zero reason to take any bats in this game on snake draft sites. If you want to risk it on salary cap sites you can. However, on a 13 game slate, I think it’s a foolish play personally. I will be completely avoiding this game tonight in all formats.
  • Pittsburgh vs Atlanta – Pop up showers are a possibility here. I don’t think you have to go out of your way to fade here. However, I think it’s worth at least downgrading the bats a little bit to factor in the risk.
  • Boston vs Chicago White Sox – There’s rain risk here but it’s more towards the end of the game rather than the beginning and it’s more delay risk than game cancelled risk. Therefore, I will not be fading this game.
  • Minnesota vs Texas – Small chance of a late start but that’s about it. I definitely want to get a piece of this game as far as bats are concerned.
  • Chicago Cubs vs Philadelphia and Tampa Bay vs Cleveland have so small a risk of rain I will not be factoring it into my lineup consideration at all.

For the most up to date weather information check out Rotogrinders weather and/or follow Kevin Roth on Twitter.

Drafters Top 10 Plays

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  1. Clayton Kershaw – P
  2. Giancarlo Stanton – RF (4:05pm)
  3. Mookie Betts – CF/RF
  4. Starling Marte – LF/CF
  5. Anthony Rizzo – 1B
  6. Rougned Odor – 2B
  7. Miguel Sano – 3B/RF
  8. Javier Baez – SS/2B
  9. J.T. Realmuto – C
  10. Masahiro Tanaka – P (4:05pm) or James Paxton – P (7:05pm)
  11. JD Martinez – RF (7:05pm)

Draft Top 10 Plays

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  1. Clayton Kershaw – P
  2. Giancarlo Stanton – OF (4:05pm)
  3. Mookie Betts – OF
  4. Anthony Rizzo – IF
  5. JD Martinez – OF
  6. Andrew McCutchen – OF
  7. Rougned Odor – IF
  8. Miguel Sano – IF
  9. Matt Carpenter – IF
  10. Masahiro Tanaka – P (4:05pm) or James Paxton – P (7:05pm)
  11. Sterling Marte – OF

DraftKings Plays

Early Slate (4:05pm)


  • Masahiro Tanaka – (Massive exposure)
  • Derek Holland – (Solid exposure)
  • Steven Matz – (Some exposure)
  • Daniel Norris – (Little exposure)


  • NY Yankees – Massive exposure to right handed batters. Fade left handed batters.
  • San Francisco – Solid exposure to right handed batters. Fade left handed batters.
  • NY Mets – Some exposure to right handed batters. Fade left handed batters.
  • Detroit – Limited exposure to Mikie Mahtook OF $3,500 and Nick Castellanos OF $4,300. Fade everyone else.

Main Slate (7:05pm)


  • Clayton Kershaw – $12,100
  • James Paxton – $9,300
  • Jon Gray – $8,800
  • Chris Archer – $7,200
  • Daniel Poncedeleon – $7,100
  • Wei-Yin Chen – $6,700
  • Robbie Erlin – $4,900

Pitchers that I am not playing but I don’t have an issue if you want to play them. Eduardo Rodriguez, Stephen Strasberg, Blake Snell, Patrick Corbin, Shane Bieber, Luis Castillo, Kyle Hendricks. All other pitchers I would recommend a fade.


  • Houston – Lefties definitely in play. Righties are playable but not the best of matchups.
  • Minnesota – Everybody in play.
  • Texas – Everybody in play. Safest plays are the .350 and up wOBA batters. Lower wOBA batters are still in play but a little more risk.
  • Boston – Only play righties with .350 and up wOBA.
  • Baltimore – All righties in play. Fade lefties.
  • Kansas City – Everyone in play.
  • Chicago Cubs – All lefties in play. Righties with .350 and up wOBA in play.
  • Atlanta – All righties in play. Lefties with .350 and up wOBA in play.
  • Washington – Fade due to weather. If you want to risk it righties are the play.
  • St Louis – Lefties in play. Righties with .350 and up wOBA in play.
  • Seattle – Lefties in play. Righties with .350 and up wOBA in play.
  • Pittsburgh – Everyone in play.
  • Toronto – Righties in play. Fade lefties.

I would fade other bats. If you want to play them or if you are looking for some one offs, Lindor, Ramirez and Encarnacion could be interesting on Cleveland. Turner, Kemp and Machado could be interesting on the LA Dodgers. Rhys Hoskins could be interesting on Philadelphia.

Good luck!

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