DraftKings Standings – World Daily Fantasy Sports League June 30th 2018

DraftKings Standings

World Daily Fantasy Sports League

NASCAR Lightweight & MMA Bantamweight Divisions


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Standings are updated as of Saturday June 30th

DraftKings NASCAR Lightweight Division

Champion – Danny Lothamer (4-1-0 with 2 knockouts and 2 submissions)

  1. Brandon Soulchild (5-1-0 with 1 knockout and 1 submission)
  2. Justin Axtell (2-3-0 with 1 submission)
  3. Dave Lindo (2-4-0 with 1 knockout and 1 submission)
  4. Chuck Trott (1-5-0 with 1 submission)
DraftKings MMA Bantamweight Division

Champion – Vacant

  1. Danny Lothamer (2-1-0 with 1 knockout)
  2. Kelvin Green (2-1-0 with 1 knockout and 1 submission)
  3. Chuck Trott (2-1-0 with 1 submission)
  4. Kenny Silva (1-2-0 with 1 submission)
  5. Jamal Spencer (1-2-0)

Unranked competitors are Dave Lindo (1-2-0) and Mike Fuller (1-1-0)

Round 3 of NASCAR matches is today at 3:30pm Eastern Xfinity Racing Series at Chicago Speedway.

Brandon Soulchild currently holds a 2 round to 0 lead over Chuck Trott who needs to win by knockout or submission today in order to have a chance at winning this match after losing a heartbreaking round last week by less than a fraction of a point.

Meanwhile, Justin Axtell and Dave Lindo are tied 1-1 after trading the first two rounds. The winner of this round this afternoon wins the match!

Round 1 of new NASCAR matches is tomorrow at 2:30pm Eastern Cup Series. We have the following matches scheduled:

1 – Brandon Soulchild (5-1-0) vs 2 – Justin Axtell (2-3-0)


3 – Dave Lindo (2-4-0) vs 4 – Chuck Trott (1-5-0)

There is no MMA event scheduled this week. However, Fight Week is next week so we have two rounds of MMA matches scheduled for next week. Round 1 of the matches take place Friday 7/6 at 6:30pm Eastern with the Tough Enough Finale. Round 2 is Saturday 7/7 at 6:30pm Eastern with UFC 226. The matches are as follows:

1 – Danny Lothamer (2-1-0) vs Mike Fuller (1-1-0)

3 – Chuck Trott (2-1-0) vs Dave Lindo (1-2-0)

4 – Kenny Silva (1-2-0) vs 5 – Jamal Spencer (1-2-0)

After these sets of matches we only have 2 more sets of matches before we have our championship match to crown the first ever DraftKings MMA Bantamweight Champion. With the records all being so close this is still anybody’s chance. However, another loss or two could put some of our competitors out of contention to compete in that first championship match.

If you are interested in competing in the World Daily Fantasy Sports League, you can learn more about it by clicking the link below:

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