MLB Roosevelt’s Lineup Card: Thursday June 28th, 2018

Looking for advice on who to play in your MLB daily fantasy sports lineups? In today’s edition of MLB Roosevelt’s Lineup Card I break down this 15 game slate for Drafters, Draft and DraftKings!

Picture by Keith Allison via Wikipedia Commons

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So yesterday I played light because I was focused on PGA research. I played only one lineup in cash and GPP. That lineup barely missed out on cashing in cash games and of course did not cash in GPP. I didn’t play Drafters or Draft.

My rankings are based on the following criteria:

  • Vegas implied offensive totals and team moneyline.
  • Pitching stats for pitchers I want to play and pitchers I want to pick batters against (i.e. SIERA, K% BB% GB% FB% HC%)
  • Team hitting wOBA verses the handedness of the pitcher they are facing.
  • Individual hitting stats verses the handedness of the pitcher they are facing (i.e. wOBA, ISO, K%, BB%, SB, LD%, GB%, FB%)
  • Stadium tendencies (Hitter Ball Park vs Pitcher Ball Park)
  • Weather
  • Position Scarcity (Snake Drafts Only)
  • Salary (Salary cap sites only)

We have a 10 game slate with afternoon and evening games. I will only be playing the evening slate tonight on DraftKings which has 4 games. No Drafters or Draft for me today. I also do not recommend playing cash tonight. You have two expensive pitchers on the slate and the rest is just garbage. Definitely stick to GPP contests only tonight.

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DraftKings Plays

For DraftKings I like the following tonight:


  • L McCullers
  • A Nola
  • J Barria
  • R Stanek (I really don’t like him but I like his salary)

For batters I like the following tonight:

  • Boston righties elite especially the studs like Betts, Martinez and Bogaerts. Lefties have a good matchup as well but nowhere near as good as the righties. Would stick with Benintendi or Moreland if you’re going to play a lefty
  • Angels righties in play. Fade the lefties.
  • Reds lefties great matchup tonight. Righties good matchup but I would stick with Suarez and MAYBE Peraza.
  • Brewers lefties strong matchup tonight. Righties good matchup but I would stick with Aguilar, Braun and MAYBE Kratz
  • Phillies I don’t mind mixing one or two bats on any side but I wouldn’t go overboard.
  • Astros righties are in play but don’t feel like you HAVE to have them. Fade the lefties.
  • Nationals and Rays are a fade for me. If you REALLY want to be cute you can play Duffy or Ramos on the Rays but that’s about it. If you’re playing any Nationals bats you deserve to lose and if they somehow go off make sure you don’t lose the four leaf clover in your pocket!

Good luck!

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