MLB Roosevelt’s Lineup Card: Tuesday, June 26th 2018

Looking for advice on who to play in your MLB daily fantasy sports lineups? In today’s edition of MLB Roosevelt’s Lineup Card I break down this 15 game slate for Drafters, Draft and DraftKings!

Picture by Keith Allison via Wikipedia Commons

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So yesterday was a decent day for me in MLB. I played the 2 game early slate and the large main slate on DraftKings. I also played the full game slate on Drafters and the evening slate on Draft. My DraftKings cash lineups produced a 100% ROI. My tournament lineups produced a 72% ROI. I got a 28% ROI on Draft. I had a 30% loss on Drafters.

My rankings are based on the following criteria:

  • Vegas implied offensive totals and team moneyline.
  • Pitching stats for pitchers I want to play and pitchers I want to pick batters against (i.e. SIERA, K% BB% GB% FB% HC%)
  • Team hitting wOBA verses the handedness of the pitcher they are facing.
  • Individual hitting stats verses the handedness of the pitcher they are facing (i.e. wOBA, ISO, K%, BB%, SB, LD%, GB%, FB%)
  • Stadium tendencies (Hitter Ball Park vs Pitcher Ball Park)
  • Weather
  • Position Scarcity (Snake Drafts Only)
  • Salary (Salary cap sites only)

We have one afternoon game today that starts at 12:10pm. The rest are evening games. If you are playing the early or full game slate Max Scherzer is obviously a top play today on snake draft sites and DraftKings Showdown. I expect a low scoring game so I personally wouldn’t pay up for bats. You can always play relief pitchers in Showdown if there is an expensive bat that you like.

For the evening and night games here is a full breakdown for 3 fantasy sites. Drafters, Draft and DraftKings.

Drafters Plays

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Here are my top 10 plays on Drafters:

  • C Kluber – P
  • M Betts – RF/CF
  • M Trout – CF
  • F Freeman – 1B
  • N Areando – 3B
  • J Altuve – 2B
  • C Correa – SS
  • K Davis – LF
  • J Realmuto – C
  • P Goldschmidt – 1B

Draft Plays

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Here are my top 10 plays on Draft:

  • Corey Kluber – P
  • Luis Severino – P
  • Mookie Betts – OF
  • Mike Trout – OF
  • JD Martinez – IF
  • Nolan Areando – IF
  • Freddie Freeman – IF
  • Aaron Judge – OF
  • Paul Goldschmidt – IF
  • Giancarlo Stanton – IF

DraftKings Plays

For DraftKings I like the following tonight:


  • L Severino
  • C Morton
  • F Peralta
  • R Stripling
  • S Matz

For batters I like the following tonight:

  • Boston all sides
  • Astros all sides
  • Rangers lefties
  • Brewers all sides
  • Braves all sides
  • Padres all sides
  • Diamondbacks lefties
  • Twins all sides
  • Athletes lefties
  • Giants all sides
  • Mariners righties
  • White Sox lefties
  • Mets all sides

Good luck!

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